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Hayes Coupling

The evolution of Hayes Manufacturing from a small garage to a state-of-the-art stub shaft, spline couplings, flywheel couplings and drive couplings manufacturing facility is nothing short of an American success story. The company has come a long way and is still growing. In 1966, Hayes Manufacturing started out as a fledgling, family business in a garage in Rochester, Michigan. It was primarily a job shop. Today, Hayes makes stub shafts, flywheel couplings and drive couplings products in a 33,000 square foot facility in Fife Lake, Michigan. We employ skilled spline couplings personnel to operate our state-of-the-art drive couplings, and flywheel couplings machinery and are certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard and ISO 14001 Environmental Standard. Hayes Manufacturing is concentrating on a number of new drive couplings, flywheel couplings and product lines to complement our current spline couplings and stub shafts products.


Flywheel Couplings

The Hayes “original” Flywheel Coupling absorbs vibration and shock to provide a steady dampening effect. Many customers have replaced 2-Piece flywheel couplings with the Hayes Original Flywheel Coupling to eliminate problematic assembly issues on their production lines. Hayes Original Flywheel Couplings do not require any special assembly instructions to connect the pump shaft to the coupling. The one-piece flywheel coupling design gives you worry-free installation and ensures that your flywheel coupling will be installed properly the first time, every time. Our “original” flywheel coupling is a tried and true workhorse for Hydraulic Pump Mount applications for both Diesel and Gas Engines.

With over 25 years of performance in the field, we have every confidence that our flywheel couplings will work for you. Spline couplings? Bore and key couplings? Hayes Original Flywheel Couplings have proven themselves in tough applications such as; arial lifts, bucket loaders, SSL Skid Steer Loaders, CTL Compact Track Loaders, Excavators, Mini Excavators, Sweepers, SWL Small Wheel Loaders, hydro seeders, power mulchers, and much more .

There are thousands of Hayes Original Flywheel Couplings in service throughout the world. They are used in gas and tough diesel engine applications where torsional vibration occurs. Our flexible neoprene elements absorb vibration and reduce shock loads, while providing a steady dampening effect. Hayes flywheel couplings take up very little space while transmitting a surprising amount of torque. They’re available with a wide variety of spline and bores & keys that come ready to bolt to your flywheel. The splines do not lock onto the shaft in order to allow for any axial movement. This is similar to a drive shaft assembly in automotive applications. All components of our flywheel couplings have been designed for maximum life (when operated at normal engine speeds, torque, alignment, and appropriately serviced).

Original Flywheel Couplings

HEX-FLX Flywheel Couplings

Yoke Drive Flywheel Couplings

Marine & Irrigation Flywheel Couplings

Armadillo Flywheel Couplings

Bearing Supports

Hayes Original Bearing Supported Stub Shaft
Have a pulley or an overhung clutch you need to drive? Look no further – we’ve got the solution. The Hayes Bearing Supported Stub Shaft allows you to side-load the back of an engine while simultaneously preventing any load transmission back to the crankshaft. Many industrial engines do not allow side loads on their engine crank shafts (pulley applications) but the Hayes Original Bearing Supported Stub Shaft has quickly become the “go-to” solution to this vexing problem. These assemblies use our Hayes Original Flywheel Couplings to drive a splined shaft that is supported by either a steel SAE housing plate, or one of our custom engine housings. We offer bearing support for nearly any application (SAE, Non-SAE, Custom applications)

Original Bearing Supports

HEX-FLX Bearing Supports

Jaw Couplings

When the L-Series Jaw Coupling just isn’t getting it done. Install our Hayes Jaw Coupling and watch your problems dissolve away. For most OEM’s, jaw coupling failures are costly and time consuming. We make these jaw couplings from both steel and cast aluminum. These jaw couplings are precisionly machined to ensure a perfect fit and perfect alignment in your application. You can choose between neoprene rubber inserts, or Hytrel inserts. When selecting the neoprene insert we suggest the use of a metal ring to help protect over flex in the inserts. If you have a tough application that is running submerged, or is just in a harsh/wet environment we suggest the use our our Hytrel insert. We keep many sizes in stock and have plenty of room in our driveway for those times you need to send a helicopter for a coupling emergency (yes, this really happens sometimes) .

This simple, three piece, quality built, flexible jaw coupling is generally used to connect an electric motor to a hydraulic pump or mechanical drive. The hubs are made of a strong, lightweight aluminum alloy. The bodies and lugs are precision machined on CNC equipment to assure proper fit every time. Two set screws are standard. The solid wall of rubber in the insert eliminates metal-to-metal contact and provides a clean, quiet, trouble-free performance when aligned properly. The unique steel locking insert is standard on all splined couplings in the 20 through 60 series. For the mobile market, taper lock splines are also available in the same series. Three insert choices are available. Neoprene, Hytrel* and Neoprene with a metal ring. Neoprene is used for light or steady loads. Hytrel*, for industrial application where torque, a variety of load conditions or chemicals exist. Neoprene with a metal ring for medium and heavy torque conditions and internal combustion engine applications. Installation of these jaw couplings requires only a straight edge and feeler gauge to ensure proper alignment. For longer insert life, misalignment should not exceed .005 parallel or 1° angular.

Hayes Original Jaw Couplings

L-Series Jaw Couplings

Curved Jaw Couplings

Pump Mount Plates

We offer pump mount plates for your entire pump mounting needs: black, yellow, tan, whatever color you desire and whatever bolt configuration you require. Call us today, we’ll get you mounted up!

SAE Housing Adapter

All stock adapters are manufactured from aluminum castings or fabricated steel. These adapters are designed to extend an SAE housing (multiple lengths), or change the size of your SAE housing (up or down).

SAE Stub Shafts

If you don’t have side-load, and an inline drive will do, we can do that! Rely on Hayes for a complete range of SAE flywheel stub shafts. We offer shafts to fit SAE 6-1/2, SAE 7-1/2, SAE 8 (Special Order), SAE 10, SAE 11-1/2, SAE 14 (Special Order)

Engine Housing

What can we say about our engine housings? Well, they’re the best. We start with only the finest aluminum. Put that together with thick wall sections and custom mounts and you have an engine housing that will stand the test of time. Don’t forget to specify a Hayes engine housing when designing your next application! (Available with couplings, as a kit!)

Generator Drives

Just when we thought this was strictly a custom application, our customers go and prove us wrong. These drives are in production helping many APU manufacturers drive their generators to help save our environment and our wallets. Green is Goooooood!

Engine / Pump Adapters

Trying to adapt a small engine or electric motor to your hydraulic pump? Check out our PDF catalog. If you don’t find what you need there, give us a call and we’d be glad to help you with your special application.